Us at Squamish Watersports
At Squamish Watersports, we want to provide the best service to our clients so they can have an amazing experience with us. If you decide to book for some kite lessons with us, here is how your day would look like.
Right in time for your lesson
First, we will ask you to come at our shop 30 minutes before the start of your kite lessons. This will leave us plenty of time to fill up the paperwork and suit you up. So when the time of your kite lessons will come, you will be ready to go and you won’t be losing any time. Your instructor will walk with you down to the beach. You will get on a boat and ride off to the sound. Then, your instructor will drift launch the kite and you are ready to start your lesson. If it is your first lesson, we will keep the kite attached to the boat and so you can learn how to steer the kite safely. At low tide, this can also be done from the beach. As soon as you feel ready, it is time for you to jump in the water. You will try some body dragging, and the next step will be for you to get up and ride on the board! At Squamish Watersports, our experienced instructors will make sure that you progress fast and get you on the board as soon as possible. No matter what your level is, we will adapt our lesson to you! When the time comes to get back to the shop, enjoy our hot shower and hot tub to warm you up form the cold water of the howe sound.

We will do our best to provide you the best service that we possibly can. We want you to enjoy your lesson and fall in love with the sport like we all did. We hope to see you soon for some kite lessons at Squamish Watersports!