Have you ever thought of giving kiteboarding a try? Once you give it a try, you’ll never want to stop! There is no better feeling than being out riding your kite on a windy day. Kiteboarding is an amazing sport, but in order to become an independent rider, you need to take some lessons. At Aerial Kiteboarding, we can teach you! Our boat assisted lessons will allow you to learn safely while progressing faster than with any other school. Our team of professional instructors will make sure that you enjoy yourself and that you become an independent rider as soon as possible. At Aerial Kiteboarding, you have multiple options for lessons. Here is what we can offer for a kiteboarder looking to get independent.

Learn how to kiteboard safely with the assistance of our aerial kiteboarding school boat. You will progress fast!


The crash course is an amazing way to get into kiteboarding. It is a four hours course. The first hour is a video for you to watch at home. We have created this video for you to be able to learn all the theory aspects of kiteboarding so that when you come in for your lesson, you instructor will give you hands on the kite experience as soon as you meet him. The three remaining hours are spent on the water learning how to fly the kite and hopefully getting you up and riding on the board! At Aerial Kiteboarding, we offer the crash course in 3 different options: private, semi private, or group (up to four participants.)


Private lessons is the best option if you are looking to progress as fast as possible. Having the full attention of your instructor and all the time for you to practice with the kite will allow you to become an independent rider much faster. At Aerial Kiteboarding, your instructor will adapt to you level and give you his full attention.


Semi private lessons are perfect if you are looking to get into kiteboarding as a couple or with a friend. Taking semi private lesson will allow you to take some breaks while the other participants give it a try. You can also learn from the mistakes of the other participant.