When we launch the kite we want it to be on the wind winds edge! But where exactly is the wind windows edge when kite surfing.?
First indicator for kite surfing. With our back to the wind we can turn our bodies until we can hear the wind evenly in both of our ears. When we ow stretch out our arms our bodies are aligned with the wind windows edge. This is the first indicator of where we want to launch the kite. Second indicator for kite surfing. Once we know exactly where the wind is coming from we can draw a line of the winds direction into the sand. If we now draw a line at a 90 degree angle to the first line we would have drawn the wind windows edge. Third indicator for kite surfing. Now that we have got a pretty good idea of where we want to be positioned to launch the kite we can hook into the chicken loop. Once hooked in we can start walking towards the wind windows edge. While doing this we want to keep tension in the center lines. We will notice that the material of the kite is luffing. As we walk towards the right position we will notice the material luffing less and less. Once the material stops luffing we will know that we have reached the exact right position on the wind windows edge and are ready to launch!