Is there something more annoying than blowing up your kite and not being able to go ride on a windy day? I don’t think so! If you are in the Squamish area and you need some kite repairs, come see us at Squamish Watersports and we will fix it for you. We will even lend you a kite for free while we do your kite repairs!

Free gear rental!
When you bring your kite in at Squamish Watersports for it to get fixed, you can have a free gear rental while your kite is being repaired. Because let’s be honest, there is no worse feeling than not having a kite to go ride on a windy day. For that reason, while we do some kite repairs for you, we will let you borrow one from us for free! You can choose whatever kite you prefer in ours. We have many different types of kites so you will for sure find one that you like. You might also have the opportunity to try a different type of kite and see how you like it.
We can repair almost anything!
We can do any kite repairs. No matter what happened to your kite, we can probably fix it! If you ripped your canopy, one of your valves is leaking, there is a bladder that needs to be changed or patched, we can do it all! We can even have a look at it before we put any time on it, so you can have an idea of the plan that we have and on the price of the repair.
For any kite repairs that we do, we charge $45 per hour of work put on fixing your kite. In addition, you will have to pay for the part that we had to change, for example a new bladder, a new valve or a patch.