There are so many kiteboarding destinations all around the world. Whether you like warm water, cold water, strong wind, light wind, lagoons or waves, you will for sure find something that you like somewhere around the world. Here are some of the kiteboarding destinations that I’ve been to, and that I would strongly recommend visiting!
Of course, Squamish has to be on that list! The perfect steady, strong and constant thermal wind of Squamish makes it one of the best kiteboarding destinations in the summer! While Squamish can be an advanced spot, there are some affordable options if you don’t want to go on your own, like taking an upwind drop at Squamish Watersports. Overall, Squamish is one of my favorite spots because there is wind everyday!

The Magdalen Islands receive a lot a wind all year round. The warm temperatures of the summer put it on the list of the best kiteboarding destinations. There are multiple large lagons of flat water, which makes it perfect for a freestyle session. There are also a lot of beaches where you can go for a session in the waves. Being a small island, the direction of the wind doesn’t matter, because if it is off shore winds on one side, then you just have to go on the other side of the island. The Magdalen Island is one of the best kiteboarding destinations because of all the options for kiteboarding, there are so many spots!
Cape Town is known for its strong wind and waves conditions. If you like big air or riding waves, this will be paradise for you! Cape Town is where the famous King of the Air takes place each year, no wonder why with those perfect kiteboarding conditions!
Miami is known for its light wind conditions. With the wind being light almost everyday, it allows to develop some skills and techniques to become a better kiteboarder. The warm temperature and the aquatic life makes it one of the great kiteboarding destinations. There are also a lot of possibilities to do some amazing downwind in the keys, south of the city.