Although Canada has this reputation of being indefinitely snow covered with polar bears, wolves and moose wandering aimlessly through our backyards, this is far from the truth and we have some unbelievable places to kitesurf Canada! From Prince Edward Island in the far east to Vancouver Island in the far west you won’t be disappointed!
Nitinat Lake is a favourite for kitesurf Canada. It is a very special place hidden among the old growth forests in the south-west of Vancouver Island. The wind is very consistent here and it is an incredible place to unwind and enjoy the slow, relaxed pace of nature. You can camp at the campground or stay at the Nitinat Motel which is a 5 minute drive or 15 minute walk from the lake.
Bring your warm layers, wetsuit (4-5mm) and booties. Supplies are limited once you get there to make sure you do your shopping before you arrive! Nitinat is suitable for beginners-advanced riders. Lessons and jetski supervision are available here.
Squamish is another kitesurf Canada west coast favourite. Just 45 mins north of Vancouver it is easily accessible and promises strong, consistent wind all summer long. Surrounded by snow capped mountains, waterfalls and magnificent wildlife, it is a must-see kite spot. Don’t forget your wetsuit (5mm+) and booties for the rocky spit. Other than kiteboarding, Squamish offers endless outdoor and adventure activities including rock climbing, hiking, kayaking, mountain biking and so much more!

Kitesurf Canada

On the east coast, the Magdalen Islands are a magnificent kitesurf Canada destination. With powerful winds, red cliffs and flat, shallow water this is an incredible and scenic place to both learn and progress in kiteboarding.
From east to west coast, kitesurf Canada offers many amazing opportunities to get out on the water. Price Edward Island, the great lakes in and around Toronto, various locations in Quebec and even the beaches of Vancouver can offer great kiteboard conditions. Nothing beats the strong and reliable winds in Squamish and Nitinat, but you can find kiting all through the country!