Among the world’s Best kiteboarding locations

Explore Howe Sound, Squamish

With kiteboarding quickly growing in popularity, kiteboarders all around the world discover new places to kite all the time.

The search for the best kiteboarding location is endless and just when you think you found a place even nicer than all the ones you visited before, you realize that there are so many more places to be discovered. 

Tropical beaches

White sand, crystal clear waters, palm trees and smooth consistent winds combined make for some of the best kiteboarding location s. When looking at kiteboarding videos they all seem to be shot at a tropical beach where the waters are warm, and the wind is perfect.
Kiting at a picture perfect location like the Cook Islands is something special for sure and every kiteboarder should visit a tropical beach at least once. Riding on water that is so clear that you can hardly tell there is water between your board and the ground makes you feel like flying.

Out in the ocean 

Kiting at a beautiful beach is always nice but just think about kiting out in the open ocean. Heading out on sailboat into the middle of nowhere with no coast in sight is something different! Rolling swell and the vast nothingness can take your breath away. The only thing to top this sight is the spotting of breaching wales right in front of you.

Rigid coast lines

A rigid coastline with waves breaking onto the beach also make for some of the best kiteboarding location s. Having head high waves rumbling towards you with flatwater sections the size of basketball fields in between can feel like heaven. The challenge of the waves and the surge between them is equally as beautiful as a tropical beach.

Unexpected places

Often the best kiteboarding location is hidden where you would least expect it. Who would have thought that one of north Americas best kite spots is hidden in a tiny town in the middle of the mountains? Or would you have pictured yourself kiting on a huge river in a gorge in the middle of the dessert? Everything is possible!