Have you ever had the chance to try a Cabrinha kite? Cabrinha kiteboarding are one of the pioneers of kiteboarding. Pete Cabrinha, the founder of the brand, was one of the first to be kiteboarding in the world. Throughout the years, they have perfected their kites to arrive to those 7 different kites. 


The switchblade is the most popular kite of Cabrinha kiteboarding. It is indeed the most popular kite in the entire world. Every kiteboarder have tried or at least seen a switchblade kite in their life. No matter where you go kite, there will be some switchblades flying around you! The switch blade is a performance freeride kite, and it has a lot of power so it is perfect for big air.


The moto from Cabrinha kiteboarding is a versatile freeride and crossover kite. It has a moderate aspect ratio hybrid design, 3 struts, it has a reactive wing tip and turns fast.


The drifter is the surf and strapless freestyle kite by excellence. It turns fast and it has a great ability to drift while you will be surfing on your wave. It also has a great pop for strapless freestyle.


The fx is the freestyle and crossover kite by excellence. It has a lot of power, and turns slowly for you to have the best freestyle sessions!


The contra from Cabrinha kiteboarding is a performance light wind and freeride kite. It is designed to fly perfectly in light wind conditions.


The AV8 is a performance foil and big air kite. It has 5 struts and a light weight design for ultimate performance in the widest range of conditions and variety of riding styles.


The spark is a basic trainer kite. It is a two lines foil kite, perfect to learn how to steer a kite!