Our Yamaha Waverunner Jet Ski rentals offer the safest fun and thrills on the water – for the whole family!

Your unforgettable adventure starts here – water fun has never been so easy or such a thrill!

Enjoy and explore the waterways of Squamish and the Howe Sound in an entirely new way. Our Yamaha Waverunner Jet Ski rentals are compact yet comfortable, easily maneuverable vessels that anyone can learn to drive quickly and with ease. Such easy-access rentals will inspire you to ask, why buy when renting is so effortless?

Squamish Water Sports‘ With endless things to explore, there will be no shortage of wonders you’ll experience on the water around scenic Squamish.


The Jet Ski — water fun transformed!

Clayton Jacobson II invented the Personal Water Craft (PWC) or water scooter in the mid-1900s. His first PWC prototype was a stand-up model with which Jacobson entered a licensing agreement with Canadian Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP).

Bombardier is credited with introducing the first sit-down PWC in the 1960s, though with only limited success at the time. Shortly after introducing the first PWC, Kawasaki registered the trademark for the Jet Ski, the first stand-up model.

Since then, “Jet Ski” has become the generic name for the broad range of PWC makes and models.
For the longest time, Jet Ski was the only PWC model available. Kawasaki and their Jet Ski set the standard worldwide for high-end performance – essentially, simulating their motorcycle riding experience.

Until the introduction of the sit-down WaveRunner by Yamaha, that is.

In the mid-1980s, Yamaha Motor Corp entered the PWC industry. Despite the dominance of Kawasaki and its stand-up models in the industry, the iteration introduced by Yamaha disrupted the market.

As the first sit-down PWC, the WaveRunner could carry either one or two people. With great commercial success, Yamaha’s WaveRunner established its own generalized trademark for any sit-down PWC.

Like Kawasaki, Yamaha remained committed to its motorcycle production and experience. With the ideal combination of cutting-edge performance, comfort, and luxury, it quickly became a formidable competitor to Jet Ski.


Why we choose the Yamaha Waverunner Jet Ski over the Sea-Doo for rentals?

Quite simply, it comes down to usability and comfort combined with the thrill of the ride. Squamish Watersports chose the Yamaha Waverunner VX Deluxe Jet Ski over the Sea-Doo because the Waverunner is one of the easiest to ride, yet it offers more than enough power to provide plenty of excitement.
When compared to the Sea-doo, the Waverunner is smooth on the water. Its superior speed and handling make it an exceptionally user-friendly, safe, and reliable experience for any rider, beginner to advanced.

The Waverunner offers exceptionally user-friendly operating performance along with environmental sensitivity. However, it’s only the Yamaha WaveRunner with the reliability promised by its famed technology and brand quality. Yamaha stands above its competitors, such as Sea-Doo, for the durability and originality of concept and manufacturer in marine engines. In addition, the engine-maker is renowned for its state-of-the-art and cutting-edge technological innovations.

The fact is, Yamaha experiences the fewest mechanical problems and receives the least consumer complaints of all the manufacturers. We did our research! Yamaha’s Waverunner VX is the best for all it offers – reliability, safety, reliability, and comfort.

The average Waverunner speed is about 55mph, topping out around 67mph – name your fun! A slow meander through the coastal waterways or punch it for an exhilarating rush. The jet propulsion helps improve the machine’s maneuverability through sharp turns, and the braking system lets you stop quickly without dipping the bow.
The best fun? The spray that shoots up the back – a trademark of the Yamaha Waverunner!

Imagine your WaveRunner adventure:
A memorable time spent riding free on the water alone or with that special someone cruising our sparkling blue Squamish waters as a family – pulling friends on water skis or a wakeboard.
Your perfect jet ski experience is easy when you choose Squamish Watersports for Jet Ski / Sea-Doo Rentals.

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