Yes, winter kayaking is possible! Our Squamish winter weather lets you enjoy watersports year-round!

If you’re looking for things to do in and around Squamish this winter, don’t overlook your favourite watersports just because there’s a little snow on the ground! We offer winter kayaking, canoeing, and even kiteboarding (snowkiting) throughout the year – even during the colder months.

The Squamish cold season lasts for just over three months, from mid-November to around the middle of February. With a pretty moderate climate, even in mid-winter, we typically enjoy average daily temps of around six degrees Celcius and lows, on average, reaching just below freezing. Given our mild winters, it makes winter kayaking and other paddling activities possible on a variety of nearby waterways. We think it’s one of the most uniquely beautiful and tranquil times of year to get on the water.

No matter the weather, or time of year, there are incredible places to explore on the water around Squamish, BC. Paddling – winter kayaking, canoeing or SUP – offers a mellow, relaxing, and rejuvenating way to enjoy our chilly local winter waters.

Enjoy a breathtaking estuary paddle or a calm float on one of the beautiful lakes nearby. Whichever paddle experience you choose, rest assured you will experience our west coast winter nature in a uniquely beautiful way. You may even catch a glimpse of our local wildlife from a comfortable view from the water.

Did you know? From October through March, we have four-hour and eight-hour paddle rentals (by appointment). We’re working around the availability of our staff, so please be patient with us – and flexible! Book your boat and Jetski rentals anytime after April 1st.

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