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So you've spent hours researching the right kite for you but have you given any thought to how you're going to control the kite? If yes, grab a beer. If not, read on.

The first stages of kiteboarding are the most difficult as you figure out how the bar works in relation...

Dry Suit

Winter in many places brings with it extreme cold but also wind. In these extreme colds a wetsuit sometimes wont cut it. In those cases a dry suit is the best option. They are considerably more expensive than wetsuits however. But for some they are the way to g...

How to choose the right wetsuit:

Whether you're planning your next trip to Iceland or you're going kiting to Mexico we've got all the information you could need!

The type of wetsuit that you need will generally be decided by a combination of two major factors, neoprene t...

How to choose the right harness for you.


 In the eyes of most beginners ​​​​​​​​the kiteboarding harness requires the least thinking through wen purchasing their first kite set up. However the kiteboarding harness is a key piece of equipment  and a correct fitting on...

Surf kiteboarding in the waves is one of the fastest growing aspects of our sport.

In the last 10 years advances in kite technology have allowed kiters to ride the waves in ways that early kiters only dreamed of. Characteristics of surf kites include predictable downwin...

Kiteboarding is similar to most equipment based sports in that there is a lot of

gear out there with flashy titles and fancy advertising which claims to make you perform better. Whilst some of these products may help, most wont make any difference at all unless you're a...

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