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A kiteboarding harness is an essential part of your kiteboarding equipment. Your kiteboarding harness is the part that connects you to the kite and therefor it is important you have the right fit. Something like choosing your skiboots!

A correct fit reduces muscle fatig...

During your lessons you will learn how to perform a kiteboarding water start. This is the point where you will learn how to get on the board and start riding and will experience for the first time the real


The steps for a kiteboarding water start are:

  • Li...

When starting to learn how to kiteboard you will also need to learn how to fly the kite. A kiteboard trainer kite can help you progress in your flying the kite skills to get you sooner on the water. It can help you to learn how to control the kite, how to fly, help you...

Purchasing kiteboarding gear can be a bit of an investment. Therefor some people also will choose to buy used kitesurfing gear. Buying used kitesurfing gear is a great way to start of in the sport without investing too much in your first gear.

When purchasing used kites...

Choosing your kitesurfing equipment can be challenging to do. There is a bit of equipment involved in kiteboarding and quit a few different brands on the market.

Kitesurf equipment involves building up your quiver of kites. Usually kiters will choose 3 kites to cover fo...

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