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There are a TON of hikes near Squamish that will take your breath away. You can turn some hike into multi-day camping trips, day hikes or just a stroll in the park. Whatever your fitness level there is something for you. Here are some amazing must-do hikes near Squamis...

Have you ever had the chance to go Brohm lake? It is an awesome area, only 10 minutes drive from downtown Squamish. Brohm lake is in the mountains, sheltered from the wind. It is the perfect spot for a paddle board ride. There are also many trails around, perfect for a...

Is there something more annoying than blowing up your kite and not being able to go ride on a windy day? I don’t think so! If you are in the Squamish area and you need some kite repairs, come see us at Squamish Watersports and we will fix it for you. We will even lend...

Have you ever had the chance to try kiteboarding? You should definitely give it a try. There is no feeling like being out there on the water, riding with the wind. There are so many possibilities! You can do some freestyle, some big air, you can surf some waves, you ca...

When we launch the kite we want it to be on the wind winds edge!

But where exactly is the wind windows edge when kite surfing.?

First indicator for kite surfing.
With our back to the wind we can turn our bodies until we can hear the wind evenly in both of our ears....

Are you looking to get into kiteboarding?
We have the solution for you! Come see us at Aerial Kiteboard and get a beginner kiteboarding packages to learn how to be a safe an independent rider. Here are the different beginner kiteboarding packages that we can offer you.


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