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Have you ever came to the beach, pumped up you kite, you were all ready to go, and then you realise that you forgot your harness? When going kiteboarding, you need so much kiteboarding equipment that it is easy to forget something. A trick to make sure that you have ev...

Kiteboarding is the most amazing sport in the world. There is no better feeling than being out there riding on a windy day. In order to be a safe kiteboarder, you need to take some lessons to learn the kiteboarding basics. There are a lot of safety element that need to...

Squamish is one of those tricky kite spots especially for new riders and can be quite intimidating to kite here for the first time. We have come up with a few tricks to help make your first experience here a good one.


When you arrive in Squamish make s...

Choosing your kitesurfing equipment can be challenging to do. There is a bit of equipment involved in kiteboarding and quit a few different brands on the market.

Kitesurf equipment involves building up your quiver of kites. Usually kiters will choose 3 kites to cover fo...

Kitesurfing instruction is a vital part of learning the sport but is also extremely valuable in progressing in advanced skills.

Rather than battling the swell at your first time in a wave spot, seek kitesurfing instruction from a professional. Many schools will offer do...

Kiteboarding is similar to most equipment based sports in that there is a lot of

gear out there with flashy titles and fancy advertising which claims to make you perform better. Whilst some of these products may help, most wont make any difference at all unless you're a...

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