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Squamish is one of those tricky kite spots especially for new riders and can be quite intimidating to kite here for the first time. We have come up with a few tricks to help make your first experience here a good one.


When you arrive in Squamish make s...

The Sea to Sky highway has got to be one of the most breathtaking drives in the whole world. From snow capped mountains right down to the bright blue ocean, there are not many views that beat it! From Vancouver to Whistler to Pemberton and onwards you won’t be disappoi...

The most safe and fun way to learn kiteboarding is to take a kite lesson.

During your lessons you will learn the basics of kite flying, how to create power, what to do when you have too much power as well as too little and all of the necessary safety steps.

You will the...

Kiteboarding is similar to most equipment based sports in that there is a lot of

gear out there with flashy titles and fancy advertising which claims to make you perform better. Whilst some of these products may help, most wont make any difference at all unless you're a...

The Sea to Sky area is in British Columbia, Canada. This region spreads from North Vancouver, Horseshoe Bay through to Whistler and Pemberton. The tree main areas in the Sea to Sky are Squamish, Whistler and Pemberton Valley.

The Howe-Sound in Squamish

is a network of Fj...

There are a few kiteboarding spots in BC, such as the city beaches of Vancouver or Vancouver Island with Nitinat being the main destination for kiteboarding there.

There are also kiteboarding spots in the Sea to Sky corridor north of Vancouver. The best known location i...

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