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Checking the Vancouver hourly weather as well as Squamish and Whistler can help you figure out what the wind is going to be like that day. For example, when it is cooler in Vancouver and hotter in Squamish and Whistler, you can almost guarantee a thermal wind in Squami...

Surf kiteboarding in the waves is one of the fastest growing aspects of our sport.

In the last 10 years advances in kite technology have allowed kiters to ride the waves in ways that early kiters only dreamed of. Characteristics of surf kites include predictable downwin...

Kiteboarding is similar to most equipment based sports in that there is a lot of

gear out there with flashy titles and fancy advertising which claims to make you perform better. Whilst some of these products may help, most wont make any difference at all unless you're a...

Why learn with a Squamish Kiteboarding School? Squamish means ‘’Mother of Wind’’. Our incredible first nations peoples understood the quality and strength of wind that is produced in the Howe Sound. The geography of the area, it would seem, is custom designed and made...

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