Squamish Weather

Squamish means ‘mother of wind’ this means we get some of the best conditions for kiteboarding, windsurfing & sailing in the world. The shape of the Howe Sound creates a bottleneck around Squamish which brings amazingly consistent and strong winds throughout the Howe Sound on a daily basis. The weather in Squamish varies throughout the year from months of rain to months of nothing but sunshine!


End of November to mid-March

The winter in Squamish is quite mild compared to Whistler and the North. It can snow sometimes, but the snow doesn’t stay on the ground for long. In general, most of our precipitation comes in the form of rain. With a short hike or a ride up the Sea to Sky Gondola, snow seems to become endless. Snowkiting in Whistler and the mountains surrounding Squamish is possible, get in touch with us for details!


June to mid-September

The weather in Squamish in the summer brings sun, sun and more sun! The warm days bring strong and consistent wind to the Howe Sound and the Squamish Spit. The wind is generally between 20-25 knots and blows almost everyday. If you want to come kiteboarding in Squamish, this is the time to come! This is the best time for watersports as the cool waters are all so refreshing throughout our hot summer days.


Mid-March to May

The weather in Squamish in the Spring can be absolutely amazing! After a long cold winter in the rain the sun starts shining on and off in March. With stretches of sun reaching sometimes a week long, this season becomes a unique time where all winter and summer sports are possible. We generally have a mix of rain and sun throughout the Spring allowing plants to bloom and the thermal winds to start. The sun starts shining more and more in April and May leading up to our sunny summer season. This is a great time to hang out around the fire with your friends before the summer season kicks into full gear.


Mid-September to November

Heavy rain and windstorms are often present in the fall. This well needed rain brings relief to the drier summer conditions and allows for snow to accumulate in the mountains in preparation for another epic winter season. The mild fall can also bring stretches of sun that remind us of our summers. While the mornings are colder due to the overnight cooling, by the afternoon we are back in t-shirts enjoying the warmth of the sun.

where to stay

Other Accommodations in Squamish


Squamish Adventure Inn is a beautifully redesigned building providing private and shared rooms for reasonable prices.


There are several campgrounds around Squamish. As we experience amazing weather and outdoor activities through the summer, spaces are sometimes limited. Book early to get the best spots! Campgrounds range from easy access to backcountry adventures. Look below for a few options. 

  • Alice Lake Provincial Park
  • Paradise Valley Campground
  • Mountain Fun Basecamp
  • Klahanie Campground
  • Stawamus Chief Provincial Park
  • Mamquam River Campground
  • Squamish Valley Campground
  • Squamish Municipal Campground
  • Porteau Cove


Located just a few blocks away from our Watersports Center, The August Jack Motor Inn is an affordable Motel right at the center of Squamish’s vibrant downtown. Placed between two parks it has breathtaking views of mountains and waterfalls as well as easy access to the water.


There are a wide variety of hotels in Squamish. Only a block away from the shop you can find the Howe Sound Inn & Brewery. Pet friendly, a restaurant, a brewery and great access to a variety of estuary and waterfront trails.

The Executive Suites provides a refined experience and is on the far side of town overlooking a retired golf course filled with wildlife.

Coming with a family? Squamish has 2 hotels with  waterslides available:  the Mountain Retreat Hotel and the Sandman Hotel


There are so many things to do in Squamish, especially in the summer. Squamish is an adventure hub with so many sports and activities to enjoy. From the Chief to the Spit to Garibaldi Highlands there is so much to explore.


Hiking options in Squamish are endless from beginner to extremely advanced. Head up the famous Chief for unbeatable views over Squamish and the Howe Sound, check out High Falls up the Squamish Valley or if you’re looking for a bigger adventure check out Sigurd Peak or The Lion Peak. Make sure to wear the proper footwear and get ready to experience an amazingly rewarding workout.

Mountain Biking

Along with Whistler, Squamish is also an amazing place to get out for some mountain biking. From the Ray Peters trails, the Garibaldi Highlands to Valleycliffe, there is something for everyone. Some top trails in Squamish include Half Nelson, Pseudo Pseuga, Man Boobs and Meadow of the Grizzly. There are many rental shops in Squamish to get daily rentals in case you didn’t bring your own.


Kiteboarding is one of the top things to do in Squamish this weekend. Head out to the Spit and watch the pros throwing some amazing tricks or sign up for a lesson at Aerial Kiteboarding. If you have never tried before you can try a group lesson available at a discount price. This is a great way to give the sport a try without breaking the bank and who knows maybe this is your next new sport!

Rock Climbing

Hire a guide or head out on your own. Rock climbing is one of the most popular things to do in Squamish. The Chief, The Smoke Bluffs and Murrin Park are some of the most popular climbing spots but you can also find spots in Whistler and Chek Canyon. Stop by Vallhalla or one of the climbing shops in town to pick up “Squamish Select” the ultimate guide to Squamish climbing.


With endless mountains, snowmobile conditions here are one of the best. Some of the more popular places in the Sea to Sky area are Brohm Ridge, Seagrams, Brandywine and the Pemberton Ice Caves. The Rutherford is a phenomenal beginner and intermediate spot that also includes advanced terrain. The multiple flat glaciers that connect different areas make it very user friendly for beginners. Brohm Ridge is one of the most popular spots for local riders as it is nice and close to home. Stop into No Limits Motorsports to sort out any needed rentals or gear purchases before an amazing day out on the mountain.

Backcountry Touring

Backcountry touring is extremely popular throughout the winter months in Squamish and Whistler and can be done on a split board or skis. Many take advantage of the Whistler and Squamish Gondola to quickly gain elevation and further their access to the backcountry. Some of the most popular trails are Elfin lakes, Red Heather Meadows and Little Diamond Head. 
Before venturing into the vast backcountry, make sure you have all the necessary safety gear and avalanche knowledge to stay safe on your adventure.

Sea to Sky Gondola

A relatively new addition to Squamish, BC, the Sea to Sky Gondola has gained popularity by the masses for the plethora of things they offer. From live concerts and beautiful views to Easter Egg hunts and Halloween on the mountain, the Sea to Sky Gondola always has a new event around the corner. In the summer, enjoy various hiking trails and amazing views with a quick and easy stop for lunch or dinner. In the winter, the Sea to Sky Gondola allow for easy backcountry access as well as snowshoeing trails and tubing. You’ll never miss the snow again when it is just a short gondola ride away.

Micro Brewery Tour

After your awesome weekend of activities don’t miss out on all the Breweries Squamish has to offer. Backcountry Brewery, A-Frame and the Howe Sound Brew Pub are all popular pubs with unique beers to try. More breweries and cideries pop up all the time in Squamish so keep your eyes open to find some of the best drinks around.

Squamish is an amazing place to hangout for a weekend or more! Other than the above options go paddle boarding, hangout at the lake, try rafting or kayaking or spend the day fishing. The options are endless! 

Squamish Spit Sensor  

Active from May 15 – Sept 15

Pam Rocks Conditions   

Lets you see when the wind switches to inflow

Ikitesurf Squamish*   

Paid app, good to see current conditions (the forecasts are not at all accurate) and when the wind is predicted to switch directions.

*The Squamish Terminal Sensor & the iKitesurf Sensor sit further downwind of the spit. As a result there maybe a few more knots on the spit than shown on the sensor

Big Wave Dave   

This site gives a good summary of rare spots but is not always reliable

Weather Talk BC   

This site has a great deal of forecast information and all kinds of useful information as long as people talk on the forum about where they are going and when.

Squamish Tide Times  

Howe Sound Marine Forecast   

Temperature Gradient   

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