Upwind drop with Supervision


We know that it can be daunting for newcomers and beginners to tackle the crowded spit, so we are proud to offer an upwind drop taxi service to get you Kiteboarding or Wingfoiling safely and away from the crowds and the spit!

For first-time riders in Squamish, a mandatory supervised drop ensures a safe and enriching introduction to the area.

Once you are certified to go out on your own, upwind drops are a great option to get more time on the water away from the congested area near the launch zone. In order to qualify for our supervised and unsupervised drops, you must be fully independent and proficient in all the key skills, a few of which being completing self rescues in deep water, upwind body dragging and riding in all direction including upwind.

With an instructor lead drift launch you are guaranteed to have a smooth start to your session. These upwind drops also include supervision from our instructor team while you are out enjoying the wind and water.  Supervision and assistance is given in conjunction with a lesson, if you are in need of assistance, our team will come help you as quickly as possible but it is important that you have the suitable skills to stay safe and manage your equipment on your own.

Upwind drops do not include the use of any of Squamish Watersports equipment. We do provide rentals as well as help managing your bar for an additional charge. You are responsible to ensure that your gear is in adequate condition for the experience.

IMPORTANT: If your gear has a malfunction on the water, you will have the choice to either rent our equipment if it is available on the water or be packed down and wait for the next ride in. 5 line bars are not permitted for this experience.