Kite Lesson

March 12, 2018

The most safe and fun way to learn kiteboarding is to take a kite lesson.

During your lessons you will learn the basics of kite flying, how to create power, what to do when you have too much power as well as too little and all of the necessary safety steps.

You will then learn to use the power to get you up riding with the board and then how to position your body, board and kite to ride upwind and then the sky isnt even the limit!


A beginner kite lesson will begin from our shop in downtown Squamish. From here you will greet your instructor and head to the Squamish Boat launch. The instructor will drive you way upwind into the Howe Sound away from other kiters. To start the kite will be connected directly to the boat. This way the power of the kite is pulling the boat and not the learner. Kite skills are developed quickly through this method and allows students to potentially ride a board on their first day.


Lessons also go from the Squamish Spit. When students are ready to go riding on their own, their last lesson will take place from the Spit, where they will learn the rules of the Spit as well as launching and landing safely as well as entering and exiting the water.


After your kite lessons, enjoy the hot showers and hot tub located at the shop.

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