Sea to Sky Kiteboarding

March 12, 2018

There are a few kiteboarding spots in BC, such as the city beaches of Vancouver or Vancouver Island with Nitinat being the main destination for kiteboarding there.


There are also kiteboarding spots in the Sea to Sky corridor north of Vancouver. The best known location is at the Squamish Spit. The Spit is located in Squamish and is a long narrow piece of land that projects out into the Howe Sound. It is the meeting place for the glacial water and the sea. During the summer time this location gets wind almost everyday. From the Sea to Sky highway keep your eyes peeled (and on the road) as you can see the Spit and the Howe Sound filled with kiteboarders. There are also several scenic pull outs along the sea to sky highway where you can stop and watch the kites.


For kiteboarders the Spit is well known for the strong winds. It gets quit busy during the weekends but the Howe Sound area is large enough to find your space. In front of the Spit itself there is a flat water area, but if you enjoy wave riding, you also get small waves around the corner of the spit. And who doesn’t want to kite in an area with such beautiful surroundings?



On the Sea to Sky, kiteboarding is also possible in Whistler on Alta lake or Green lake. However Whistler is more known for it’s snowsports and mountainbiking, so a visit to Whistler in winter for snowkiting might be a better option!


In the Sea to Sky kiteboarding area, you will be kiteboarding in a beautiful area. Don’t forget to take your thick wetsuit and booties as the water is glacial water so it will be cold!  If you dont have your own you can also rent wetsuits from our shop downtown, or our trailer at the Spit.

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