Squamish Kiteboarding Schools

March 12, 2018

Why learn with a Squamish Kiteboarding School? Squamish means ‘’Mother of Wind’’. Our incredible first nations peoples understood the quality and strength of wind that is produced in the Howe Sound. The geography of the area, it would seem, is custom designed and made to create amazing wind qualities.


The wind that Squamish Kiteboarding Schools profit from is created due to temperature differences between the mountains at one end of the Sound and the sea at the other. In the morning when the sun comes up and heats up the mountains, the hot air rises and consequently draws the colder air through the Sound throughout the day. This is called in-flow. During early morning and evening when the mountains cool, this wind direction is reversed and is called out-flow.


We started a Squamish Kiteboarding School based on this consistent high quality of wind.  From mid April through to late September the wind consistently starts around 9/10 o’clock in the morning and finishes with the sun set with similar conditions day in day out. The wind is usually around 18-22 knots but on some days, due to storm fronts, the wind speeds can rise considerably up to 35/40 knots. These stronger winds are usually less consistent which makes learning more challenging but for experienced kiteboarders, they can be some of the more exhilarating conditions to kiteboard. These range of conditions allow you to have access to our Squamish kiteboarding school more or less daily through the summer months and even on some days in the winter months.


In Squamish there is the option to kite in butter flat water in front of the spit or hit some waves behind the spit in the river mouth on certain tides. Learning with our Squamish Kiteboarding School gives you a unique opportunity to learn in some of the best conditions in the world which consequently makes you improve faster as you are not fighting against variable conditions and you can focus on your skill progression.


The Squamish Spit is the area where the experienced kiteboarders launch and land their kites. This is a small area and on weekends it can become extremely busy. Due to this high traffic it can be daunting for new comers to kite from the spit. Consequently we offer an upwind drop service in which we taxi you and your equipment up wind of the spit and drop you off after performing pre flight assessment of your equipment allowing you to kite away from the crowds and refine your techniques without having the stress of other kites around you. While this is not a lesson it allows our recently independent students to gain confidence in a safer environment.


It is not permitted to learn or teach kiteboarding at the spit due to the high traffic and the small area. The Squamish kiteboarding schools launch their students kite and drive upwind with their student in the boat. To learn at the spit the student must pay a $20 day fee or pay for a season membership.


We are the largest and best equipped Squamish Kiteboarding School and we pride ourselves on giving high quality lessons and all our instructors are IKO certified and highly experienced. There are only a few hundred IKO level 2 senior instructors in the world and we have three in our school! This gives us a huge wealth of experience and knowledge to draw on from safety to learning techniques that we can pass on to our students.


As well as the high quality instruction we offer we also have on site: hot showers, changing facilities, hot tub/jaccuzzi (as we know the water can be cold) a fully stocked kiteboarding shop with friendly, experienced and knowledgeable staff on hand to help you.




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