Squamish Paddleboard Rental

April 13, 2018


Renting a paddleboard in Squamish is easy and cheap! Squamish Watersports Ltd has inflatable paddleboards to rent throughout the year.  These inflatable paddleboards are a great tool to discover the area as they come in a backpack which easily fits in your car! Squamish Watersports also offers season passes and hourly passes which are available to purchase on their website: www.squamishwatersports.com.

There are many different places and paddleboard  around Squamish. During the summer months we highly recommend going up to either Brohm, Cat or Alice lake for a leisurely paddle around a beautiful lake. After you have rented your paddleboard in Squamish, take highway 99 north towards Whistler. Alice Lake will be the first you will come to. It is well signposted on your right hand side about 18 minutes from downtown Squamish. It can become busy here in the summer. Second you will come to is Cat lake. The trail head to Cat lake can be easily missed. It is sign posted slightly late so be sure to keep to the right lane and slow down after you see the first Cat lake sign. You will turn off into a gravel car park and trail to the right. You continue up this road for about 5 minutes and take the first fork up to the left. Well signed. Access road is quite bumpy so a 4x4 is recommended. Thirdly you will arrive at Brohm Lake. This is a little further up the road and is sign posted for a turn on your left. Caution when crossing over the sea to sky as vehicles travel at high speeds.


If you would like to rent a paddleboard or would like some more information. please dont hesitate to call us at 778-989-5483 or email info@squamishwatersports.com

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