Downwinders when kite surfing.

June 6, 2019

The holy grail
The holy grail of kitesurfing is to be able to stay upwind. Once you master this it is going to make everything a lot easier when you go kite surfing. One of the greatest feelings at the beginning of every ones career as a kiter is to ride right back to where you launched from.



What is a downwinder?
When going for a downwinder we don’t come back to the spot where we launched from, but travel with the wind from point A to point B. This requires us to bring a vehicle downwind to point B before launching from point A so we can get back to where we came from.

The appeal of downwinders
So you just learned to stay upwind, why would you now want to ride downwind when you go kite surfing.?
There are a few reasons to do this and every kiteboarder has got their own reasons why they enjoy it.
The most obvious reason is to not have to ride upwind of course.

Tricks and Jumps
Every time you do a trick or a jump you travel downwind, which means you have to ride back upwind to stay in the area where you want to be kite surfing. When you go on a downwinder you don’t have to worry about that, you can just keep doing one trick after the other.

For others kiters it is hard to see the appeal of a downwinder on a Twintip as they prefer to do it on a surfboard to catch as many waves as possible. For this you’d preferably have perfect crosswind to ride in and out of the waves.
During a downwinder on a surfboard you probably cover a greater distance in shorter time.

The scenery
You can make your downwinder exactly what you want it to be so if you just want to ride a long and enjoy the scenery of course you can do that. Riding along the coast line and maybe even from one beach to the next can be a beautiful way to spend an afternoon kite surfing.

Get it all
If you are lucky enough to be at the right spot you might even get it all.
Starting from point A and riding out into the waves before reaching that beautiful flatwater spot that is hidden and not accessible from anywhere else. Then riding along to the next beach and practicing some downloops on the way.


Go to work
I was lucky enough to work at a surfclub that was downwind of where I used to live. This, for sure, is the best way to get to work. Riding right onto the beach and landing your kite on the grass next to the outside restaurant area before getting changed and straight to work.

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