Kiteboarding Squamish BC

June 6, 2019

World class kiteboarding

Here in Squamish we get world class kiteboarding!
Only an hour north of Vancouver, located between mountains, Kiteboarding Squamish BC takes place.
The local kitespot is called the Spit and offers a unique setting.
The wind blows offshore over the Spit, creating butter flat water right behind it. Kiting here right in between the mountains is an incredible feeling. The wind is consistently strong during the summer month as it is mostly thermal wind we get here.
With the mountains heating up, the warm air rises creating an inflow of wind that is consistent and steady.
Pretty much any hot day makes kiteboarding Squamish BC possible.


Beginner to Advanced

From beginner to advanced, kiteboarding Squamish BC, offers great conditions for everyone.
If you are a beginner kitesurfer or wanting to give kitesurfing a first try, pop into the shop or book a lesson online.
Since the wind blows off shore over the spit, make sure your upwind abilities are up to scratch. If you need assistance or are not always able to stay upwind, we offer upwind drops and assistance if needed during your session.
For everyone who’s comfortably riding upwind, this spot is a flat water paradise! Taking back and forth on the downwind side of the spit, your freestyle progression is going be faster than you can say “Back Mobe”.
Just make sure to not short tack people in the ‘honey hole’! Come in, do your trick and make space for the next rider to come in.

Ocean clash

Once a year the Ocean clash takes place right at the Spit. Local kiters and pro riders alike take part in the competition, making it spectacular to watch. Definitely worth visiting kiteboarding Squamish BC for the event.


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