Squamish kiteboarding, Kelowna kiteboarding and other kiteboarding spots

June 7, 2019


Around Vancouver alone there are plenty of spots to explore and with better winds on the coast even locals who are usually in Kelowna kiteboarding make the drive to kite here.  
Only a few hours drive to the west from Kelowna kiteboarding you can find one of the best spots in North America: the Spit in Squamish.

With kiteboarding growing as a sport all over the world, there are more and more locations being explored by us.
Travelling around the world and finding different kitespots is always exiting.
From all the spots I have been to it is really hard to say which one my favorite spot would be. I definitely value different spots for different reasons.




My favorite spot in my home country is located in a little town named Saal near Rostock on the Baltic Sea. Even though this spot lies right next to the salty waters of the Baltic Sea it is actually a lake (Saaler Bodden) you kite on. With a kiteschool which offers rescues from boats you can kite here in any wind direction, even off shore winds. When the wind blows off shore here you actually get the nicest flatwater sections right down from where you launch.
The Germans being their usual self, of course there are designated set up areas for rigging you kite (and nothing else than that, no lingering in the set up area :) and designated spots for launching and landing your kite.


This is a little secret spot not many people know about, so psssst!
Located in far north Queensland just north of Cooktown you can find Archers Point.
To get the best out of the drive to this spot you probably want to stay for couple days. The kite spot is right next to a ‘wild camping’ area, so bring your tent or come in your RV.
Right from the launch keep an eye out for turtles, rays and other wildlife!
What makes this spot so special is not just its crystal clear and flat waters, the marine life, the Dingo’s that come out at night but the two bays you can kite in. The wind in the first bay in which you launch is typically 3 to 4 knots less than the wind in the second bay. So if it’s not quite windy enough for you at the launch just head crosswind to the next bay where the wind is increased by a Venturi effect.  

New Zealand


New Zealand offers a wide variety of spots! From perfect flat water, to great waves and steady winds right up to the worst chop and gusty winds you have ever experienced.
My favorite spot here is Muriwai beach about 30mins west from Auckland.
Muriwai offers great waves that can range from one foot to double overhead. On a messy day those double overheads can be pure whitewash so be sure to be able to jump right over them before getting smashed.
The best part is the flat water between the waves. Around mid-tide you can get basketball field sized flatwater sections!

So where is your local spot and what makes it great? Have you been to Squamish for kiteboarding, or Kelowna kiteboarding?
See us at the shop and let us know which spots we should check out during our next travels.


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