Kitesurfing equipment

June 11, 2019



When learning how to kitesurf it always seems like you need quite a lot of kitesurfing equipment to get out on the water but you actually only need a handful (literally a hand full).

Kitesurfing equipment:
1. Kite to fly
2. Bar and lines to control it
3. Harness to harness the power
4. Board to ride
5. Pump to pump up your kite

So before leaving home just check the back of your car for your handful of kitesurfing equipment.
If you forget your Pump it is usually not too bad as you always want to kitesurf where there are other kitesurfers. But if you forget anything else of your kitesurfing equipment you probably won’t be able to get onto the water (unless it is your board that you forgot then you can go body dragging).

Now you might be thinking of all the other stuff that you take to the kite spot with you, like wetsuit, sunblock…. Well, theoretically you don’t really need that to go kitesurfing, it is just luxury to have it ☺.

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