SUP in Squamish

June 12, 2019

Ever been for a SUP in Squamish?

At Squamish Watersports we offer SUP lessons, tours and rentals as well.

If you have already done a lesson and joined us on our spectacular tours you might want to consider renting a board.
Follow this link to book your rental board:

Here are some ideas on what to do during your own little SUP in Squamish adventure.

Paddle techniques
Here are some things you can try during your SUP in Squamish.
The harder you push the blade into the water, the more effective your stroke will be.
If you like to make it whole body workout rather than just using your arms try to keep your arms straight and rotate your shoulders and upper body. You can practice this on land first. Once you are on the water you can try to paddle with a power on a scale from 1 to 5. Start with level 1 and after 5 strokes, move to level 2, and so on, up to 5. Can you feel the difference? As you keep practicing this, the power of your ‘5’ will increase over time, making you go faster.
The closer to the board you are paddling the more straight you will go. The further away you paddle the more the board is going to turn.
You can use this to your advantage if you are wanting to turn. Do a big bow stroke far away from your board to initiate a turn.
To turn even more effectively try and paddle backwards. The harder and more consistent you push backwards the nicer the turn is going to be.

 SUP in Squamish challenges
Here are a couple of challenges you can try
*Stand balanced in the middle of your board and raise the paddle above your head holding it with both hands. Slowly start turning around until you have completed a full 360° turn.
*Turn your body into a surfing position (one foot in the centre of  the board one foot as far back as you can) and try to do a 360° turn with the board.

SUP in Squamish games
If you are paddling in a group here are two fun games to try
*Pair up in groups of two people and try to swap boards. You can’t use the paddle, anker your boards or touch the ground. To make it a little bit harder you have to be standing up and are not allowed to drop down to your knees.
*Lined up every one next to each other. To hold the boards together lie each paddle down in front of you so that it reaches over to the boards on your left and your right. Push down on the paddles to minimise movements.
Now one person at a time can try and run across all the boards without falling of half way through.

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