It's all about trimming your kite! - Part 3

June 16, 2019

Kitesurf lessons near me on trimming the kite

If you find yourself typing on google maps ‘kitesurf lessons near me’ and you are in or around Squamish you will most likely be directed to us at Squamish Watersports.
If you would rather learn a bit more theory at home start with reading the kitesurf lessons near me series.
The last article in the kitesurf lessons near me focused on ‘power and depower’ and ‘the sweet spot’.
Now we want to talk about the Angle of attack.

Angle of Attack (AoA)
The Angle of Attack is the angle at which the kite meets the wind.
As the AoA increases the lift and pull from the kite gets stronger i.e. we are getting more power from the kite.

We change the AoA by sheeting in and out on the bar. By sheeting the bar in we're pulling on the steering lines, which are pulling down the wingtips of our kites and thereby increasing the AoA.
Sheeting out on the bar decreases the AoA as we're releasing the tension in the steering lines and letting the wingtips come back up.


Even though our center lines and steering lines are exactly the same
length we could look at this as changing the relative length of the
sheeting lines in comparison to the center lines.
Sheeting in = shortening the steering lines = bigger angle of attack = more power
Sheeting out = lengthening the steering lines = smaller angle of attack = less power
The AoA at which our kite is fully depowered is set by the manufacturer.




We will talk more about trimming the kite throughout this series.

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