Beginner Kiteboarding Package

June 18, 2019

On a windy day, what’s best to do than going kiteboarding? To be honest, I think there is no better place to be than on the water when the wind is blowing. Have you ever tried kiteboarding? If you have never tried it, you should definitely consider getting a beginner kiteboarding package. Kiteboarding is a sport that is really safe if you know what you are doing. For that reason, it is really difficult to learn on your own, in addition to being dangerous. That is why you should get a beginner kiteboarding package.




Deciding to get a beginner kiteboarding package will allow you to save money, because let's be honest, taking some kiteboarding lesson and buying your own gear is a big investment. If you want to learn how to kite in Squamish, you should definitely come see us at aerial kiteboarding. We offer some beginner kiteboarding packages of 7 or 11 hours. If your goal is to become independent and be able to go kiteboard on you own, then you should go with the 11 hours package. We teach from a boat, which allows a fast progression for our students. You will be riding in no time, so you will have plenty of time on the water where we can teach you how to be a safe kiteboarder. You will learn how to set up your gear, how to manage your kite on land and on a boat, how to fly a kite, and obviously how to ride independently on the water.


If every time you see kiteboarders on the water it makes you want to be out there, then come see us at Squamish Watersports and we will get you out on the water. You can even get a beginner kiteboarding package so you can get many hours on the water and learn how to be a safe kiteboarder on the water.


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