Kite surfing Vancouver and what else to do here

June 19, 2019

Lots of people come to kite surfing Vancouver and most of them come up to Squamish to enjoy the thermal winds at the Spit.



Squamish is Canada’s paradise when it comes to outdoor activities. Not just kite surfing Vancouver but especially rock climbing. From the Shannon Falls (from where you can see the famous Spit, kite surfing Vancouver ‘s paradise) to the little smoke bluffs, there are hundreds of hiking and climbing routs around. In terms of Bouldering, they say there are more then 2500 problems to be solved all over the Squamish area.
The hiking is every locals and visitors all year around favorite. You can find tons of trails accessible from pretty much anywhere.

Aside from the kite surfing Vancouver and the hiking ad rock climbing mountain biking, windsurfing, kayaking, river-rafting, snowmobiling and back-country skiing to keep you on your feet.

It’s worth mentioning, Squamish, long known just as a gateway to Whistler, has become its own special place,
It is now drawing in people from all over the world with its perfect location between Vancouver and Whistler.
The unique community of outdoorsmen and women and the one-of-a-kind natural landscapes make it a place you won’t want to leave any time soon!

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