What is the right board for me?

June 21, 2019


There are so many different kiteboards from different brands, different models and sizes.
People with a wakeboarding background who come for kiteboarding lessons often ask us whether they can use their wakeboard to go kiteboarding.
At first glance kiteboards might look like a wakeboards, but that is where the similarities stop. Wakeboards are usually bigger than kiteboards and a kiteboard 150 cm range is often used for light wind days or riders of 200 lbs or more.
Kiteboards are designed specifically for the demands of kiteboarding and offer many technical advantages that make kiteboarding both easier and more fun!



The most important thing when buying a new board is to get the correct size for you.

Under 150 Lbs = 136cm-148cm board
150 – 200 Lbs = 145cm-160cm board
Over 200 Lbs = kiteboard 150 cm-165cm board

Plan ahead

Throughout your kiteboarding career it is often the best to get more than one board.
The first one should be a larger kiteboard 150 cm and then next a smaller board. This is way better than purchasing one mid sized kiteboard at the beginning and here is why.

Kiteboards that are bigger and wider are way easier to learn on as you need less power from the kite and you stay on top of the water for longer. This allows for some mistakes with the kites placement without immediately sinking.

Requiring less power from the kite allows you to go out in lighter winds on a kiteboard 150 cm so crashes and mistakes are not as bad while you are still learning.

Getting a bigger kiteboard 150 cm at the beginning will speed up your progression and you can always downsize after a season or two once your skills are improving.

Smaller boards are better for jumping, performing tricks, and simply holding down more kite power.


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