Kiteboarding gear - Know your kiteboarding gear and know what you're doing

June 25, 2019

It is very important for any kitesurfer to be independent.
We should all know how to launch and land our kites safely. In our opinion it is not good enough to only be able to launch your kite when your partner/friend is helping you.
We should be able to ask a random fellow kitesurfer to give us a launch and be able to get ourselves into the right position on the wind windows edge. (Of course this is all a learning curve and we encourage everyone to take it at their own time and get the person you know to launch and land you).



Knowing our kiteboarding gear is very important as well. We've seen it too often that the guys are setting up their girlfriends kiteboarding gear, launching it and passing it over in the water (this is great when you're still learning!)

But especially as someone who might tend to underestimate their skills it is important to be able to do this! It will give so much more confidence when you know your gear, how it functions and how to launch and land safely.

At a certain point in everyone’s life as a kitesurfer we also believe we should be able to safely self launch and self land (We recommend a drift launch and self landing by using your quick release)

So make sure you get confident in launching and landing and take your time to get to know your kiteboarding gear.
Know how to:
-check your kite for little holes, unravelling stitching or leaks
-check your lines for knots
-check your lines are not stretched
-fix a stretched steering line or stretched centre lines
-fix little holes or maybe even a leaking bladder
-trim your kite correctly
-know the difference between the different connections on your kite and lines


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