Kiteboarding in Squamish

June 26, 2019

Squamish is located in between Vancouver and Whistler in British Columbia, Canada. It is a small town and is named Canada’s Adventure Capital. With endless outdoor activities there is no way you are going to get bored. Not just the wind is amazing but the water is butter flat and the scenery is breath taking. Kitesurfing in Squamish should be on every kiteboarders bucket list.

So what makes kiteboarding in Squamish so amazing?






Squamish literally means “Mother of Wind”. So where else if not here would you find the bet wind. During the month of summer you can get 60 days of wind in a row. The temperature gradient between Vancouver south of Squamish and Pemberton north of it creates thermal winds. This causes an inflow of wind into the Howe Sound as the mountains heat up.
On most summer days around 10 o’clock in the morning you are going to feel the wind stops. This is when the outflow is about to turn into an inflow and you’ll know it's time to get ready to hit the water.

The water behind the Spit gets butter flat which is yet another reason to come kiteboarding in Squamish. It might get a bit crowded as everyone tries to find the perfect take off spot for their trick but there is plenty more area upwind off the spit. Even though it is quite choppy up there, you are more than likely to spot some seals eagles and even dolphins and orcas if you’re lucky.
When kiting on the downwind side the best spot for your tricks is called the ‘honey hole’. Just make sure not to short tack anyone. Come in, do your trick, make space and you’ll be staying friends with the locals.

The atmosphere when kiteboarding in Squamish is quite an amazing one. Everybody is super friendly, welcoming and happy to help out.
Especially the stuff from the Squamish Watersports Society always welcomes people to ask questions about the spot and point out potential dangers.

When you are kiteboarding in Squamish don’t forget to get someone to take some pictures of you on the water. The scenery is simply breathtaking!
Surrounded by towering mountains with breathtaking views of the Squamish Chief and Shannon Falls on one side and the Squamish river and Estuary on the other.



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