Kiteboarding schools - 3 Types of Wind

June 29, 2019

During your lessons with most kiteboarding schools you don’t really learn about the 3 types of wind. More often than not kiteboarding schools prioritise time spend on the water which is expected from the kiteboarding schools by the students. 

3 Types of Wind
When we kitesurf there are three types of wind which are important for us:

True wind
Imagine jumping onto your bike and feeling the wind blowing at a 90 degree angle into the side of your face before you start cycling. This wind you feel while you are stationary is the true wind

Induced Wind:
As soon as you start cycling you induce wind in the opposite direction of travel.
The induced wind blows straight into your face.



Apparent Wind:                                                                                
Now imagine riding your bike so you induce wind while the true wind blows onto you at a 90 degree angle.                                      

At this point the laws of the universe had a bit of a problem as wind can’t come from two directions  at the same time.                                                                                                                 
So true wind and induced wind combine to create apparent wind which you feel on your face while cycling. 
When induced wind and true wind are blowing at the same speed the apparent wind comes from right in between. When we cycle faster inducing more wind the apparent wind moves closer towards the induced wind. As we slow down inducing less wind the apparent wind gets closer to the true wind.
Since apparent wind is a combination of true wind and induced wind the apparent wind will change its direction and shift towards the induced or the true wind depending on which of those two is stronger.

Some kiteboarding schools offer kite camps which are great to learn more about theory like the three types of wind.

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