Caring for our environment

July 1, 2019


As kiteboarder s, we are in the ocean almost everyday. As kiteboarder s, we are in direct contact with nature as well as the fauna and flora that comes with it. Since we use the beaches and the oceans frequently, we should be caring a lot about our environment. We should all be aware that pollution is a big issue that we all need to be dealing with at the moment. The first step in taking care of our planet, is for us to make sure that we leave no trace on the beaches and in our oceans. Don’t leave any trash on the beach or in the water, don’t pick up any plant, leave the shells in the ocean where they belong, and don’t bother the animals around.  Even better, bring a bag and pick up all the trash that you can see on the beach or in the water!



As kiteboarder s, we also want to help the marine life that surrounds us. If you see a piece of plastic in the water, pick it up! If something breaks from your equipment and fall in the water, pick it up! It is not only the plastic and pollution that we can see that disturbs and harm marine life, but also some of the products that we use. Most of the sunscreens have some chemical products that are at the moment all over corals, and those corals are dying in front of us. So make sure to use a natural sunscreen that doesn’t use any of those products that can harm marine life.


As kiteboarder s, we love our beaches and we love our oceans, so let's care for our planet and make our best to keep it clean! So be a good kiteboarder, care for our environment :)


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