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July 2, 2019

Taking the time to do your research before getting into kitesurfing is very important. There are so many great kitesurfing packages out there, how do you choose the right one? Let’s start with first things first, how do you even know that you want to purchase a package if you have never tried kiteboarding before? Great question! Try looking around for an intro course that you can do with a friend or maybe a group lesson so you can give it a go without breaking the bank. 


So you’ve tried kiteboarding and you love it, what now? The first thing is to find out the hourly cost of lessons and see what kind of deals are offered if you buy lessons in bulk. In general the bigger kitesurfing packages you buy the cheaper they get. In our experience, the average person takes between 8-14 hours to become fully independent riders so finding kitesurfing packages between 10-15 hours are what you should be looking for. 


But what if I learn really fast and I am ready to go on my own after only 8 hours when I’ve bought 15? In most cases shops will allow you to use the hours towards advanced lessons or the remaining dollar value towards buying your own gear- how can it get better than that? 


We have put together kiteboarding packages suited for all levels of kiteboarders as well as deals and discounts for our students.




6 hour private lesson package- this package is great for someone who has already started their lessons and is getting close to independence. You can split the package into 2-3 hour sessions where you can choose to have your lessons from the boat or head over to the spit to learn the ins and outs of the local launching zone before you go there on your own. 


10+ hour private packages- buying 10+ hours will give you the biggest discounted rate and is perfect for someone who has decided they really would like to get into the sport but have no to little experience. If you become independent before your hours are used up you can use the hours towards advanced lessons in the future or towards your first gear purchase. 


Semi-private packages- we offer 6 and 10+ hour semi-private packages. These packages are great for two people who are the same size who want to learn with someone else, or for someone who gets tired easily and likes to take more breaks. You will learn both on and off the water as you watch the other student learn. 




All students are eligible for a discount on gear purchases. Discounts vary depending on equipment type.


If you have further questions please feel free to reach out and contact us directly, we would love to help you find the kitesurfing packages that suit you best!



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