How to Launch a Kitesurfing Kite

August 10, 2019

Are you sometimes hesitating before launching your kite? You are not 100% sure how to launch a kitesurfing kite? Before launching your kite, you should make sure that you know exactly what you are doing. Most of the accidents in kiteboarding happen when launching and landing your kite. For that reason, you should make sure that you master that skill before trying to do it on your own without the supervision of an instructor.


Here are more details on how to launch a kitesurfing kite in 5 easy steps.


1- Set up your gear


The first step when learning how to launch a kitesurfing kite is to learn how to set up your gear. You should first find a spot where it will be safe to launch your kite. You want a spot with a lot of space and no danger around. For example, you don’t want to have electric lines or big rocks close by. When you have a safe spot, set up your kite with your lines downwind of your kite. 


2- Find an assistant


When your gear is set up and ready to go, find an assistant to help you with your launch. Make sure your assistant has done it before and knows what he is doing. He will hold your kite in the C position and you can get to your bar.




3- Hook on


Before you hook on, you want to make sure that all your lines are not tangle and that your bar is ready to go. Hook on your leash first, and then your chicken loop.


4- Find the edge of the wind window


The next step in how to launch a kitesurfing kite is to find the edge of the wind window. While keeping some tension on your lines, you will walk up wind until you find the right spot. At first, the canopy of your kite will be flapping. When you will reach the 3 or 9 o’clock position, your kite will stop flapping and it will take its shape. You will also start to feel a little bit of power in your harness. You are now ready to launch your kite.


5- Thumbs up


Now that you have done all the steps in how to launch a kitesurfing kite, you are now ready to do it! Double check one last time that all your lines are clear and not tangle, and do a thumbs up to your assistant. He will let go of the kite, and you can slowly bring it up!


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