Lets you see when the wind switches to inflow

Paid app, but very useful

*The Squamish Terminal Sensor & the iKitesurf Sensor sit further downwind of the spit. As a result there maybe a few more knots on the spit than shown on the sensor

During the summer months the temperature gradient graph should be your first stop. This can give you a great indicator of wind. If the figures you're seeing on the gradient graph dont look too favourable, your next stop should be to check the Howe Sound Marine Forecast. This is a system ran by Environment Canada. This is a great forecasting site and usually very accurate. On iKitseurf look at the current graph & use 'quick look' grey wind direction arrows to help predict the approximate time of the switch from outflow to inflow. Just above a grey line appears on the graph that one can use to help understand the potential increase or decrease in wind strength throughout the day. But the wind speed predicted is never accurate.

In early or late season, the temperature gradient should not take as much precedent, more attention should be given to the Howe Sound Marine Forecast & iKitesurf. This is where the less predictable micro climate effects come into play.

If you are unsure about any of this, please dont hesitate to contact us at info@squamishwatersports.com or phone: 778-989-5483

Other useful links:

This site gives a good summary for rare spots, however its not always reliable

This site has a great deal of forecast information and all kinds of useful information as long as people talking on the forum about where they are going and when.

This site gives a good model of the conditions in the area to help visualize. 

Squamish Wind Conditions & Forecasts

Squamish Wind Forecasts

On some days forecasting the wind in Squamish is easy. Other days it can be challenging due to the variable conditions. There are several great resources which can help you to make a better prediction but some resources can be misleading and very inaccurate so ensure you check a few different ones before packing your car! 

Current Wind

Click on the links below to check real time conditions:

Active May 15 - Sept 15

Active all year but not 100% accurate