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We have been proudly serving Squamish BC for 10+ years and making new friends along the way, we offer private and group lessons, from first-timers to pros alike. Join us today and make incredible memories while mastering your skills on the water!

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Braden Usher AvatarBraden Usher
Great experience in the sea kayaks. What stood out about this provider was the kindness and care from our man Marcel. Thank you for the good service! - 11/03/2022 
Te Shan Liang AvatarTe Shan Liang
A locally owned watersports company that we used for a kayaking trip in Howe Sound. They also do kite boarding and river kayaking. Very well run and located in a nice corner of the waterfront. Decent changing facilities and parking onsite. They were very prompt with answers to email questions and very quick to refund an overpayment. The Sound itself was beautiful despite some haze from a nearby forest fire. Highly recommended if you have a chance to be in Squamish for a few hours of tranquil sightseeing. - 10/27/2022 
Isaac Cabe AvatarIsaac Cabe
Marcel was so helpful and got us into a kayak fast and easy. Literally the simplest boat rental I've ever had and I feel like it would've been more effort to have gotten into my own kayak back home. 5 stars, would love to return in the summer. Thanks y'all! - 10/27/2022 
Andrew Miller AvatarAndrew Miller
Near the end of the season, but Will brought lots of equipment so that we were ready for any wind condition. He provided some great instruction that I will use every time I go kiting. The wind was lighter in the last half of the session and we worked together to build my light-wind kiting skills! Thanks very much, Will and SWS! - 10/20/2022 
Valerie Schulz AvatarValerie Schulz
I had a fantastic kayaking adventure today. Marcel guided our Howe Sound tour, set up for me, even though I called the day before, and it is mid-October. We had incredibly calm waters, then a bit of wind for fun ! I learned about the history of the region, today’s logging industry, and the blend of nature vs industry in the area. We were entertained by seals swimming past, even a baby seal lounging on a log. We paddled to the mouth of the river and studied the currents as they swirled gently around us with the mixture of tidal flow, fresh glacier waters mixing with ocean salt water and saw many birds, a sea lion, a float plane and of course the mountains at the waters edge ! Thank you for the adventure Marcel - 10/20/2022 
Scott Emslie AvatarScott Emslie
I did a private kiteboarding lesson and had a blast! Ben Saad my instructor was great and the whole operation was very professional. I’d high recommend. - 10/13/2022 
Coreen AvatarCoreen
Hello everyone. I had the ride of my life with Ben on the water!unforgettable, beautiful. Ben stopped when we wanted to to take pictures, took us safely around. Great company I recommend for anyone who wants to do water sports. Thanks Ben! - 10/13/2022 
Krista-Dawn Kimsey AvatarKrista-Dawn Kimsey
Ben was an amazing guide! Highly recommend a boat tour! - 10/13/2022 
rk1234 Avatarrk1234
5 star rating Water Taxi Service Only great things to say about these guys!! We called these guys in a panic late into the evening as we were stranded on the other side of the river due to loosing our Kayak. They came and picked us up within 30 mins (even though they were closing down for the day) AND they even found our Kayak for us!!Absolute amazing people, extremely professional, and just an over all unreal service. Super thankful to have met these guys!!You can tell these guys have a passion for water sports. I would highly recommend there services!! - 10/11/2022 
Kiran Jay Babla AvatarKiran Jay Babla
Will was an incredible instructor. 3x first timers all managing to stand up on the board within 3 hours. He was so concise, and explained everything in a really digestible way. Afterwards, we were blessed with a show on how cool kitesurfing looks when you're a pro... He didn't even get his t-shirt wet. Definitely want to get into this sport after the 3-hour lesson. Thanks Will! - 10/10/2022 
Nur Fatehah AvatarNur Fatehah
Booked a 2h kayak tour around the Howe Sound, and was blown away by how beautiful it was on the water. But the experience would not have been complete without Marcel's guidance and company. He was knowledgeable in all aspects of the kayak - from understanding the wind directions, the stability of the water at different times and the suitable kayak to take out for the best experience. It was amazing how much he knew about the history of Squamish too! Thanks Marcel for the best time 🙂 - 10/10/2022 
Harmeet Singh Khalsa AvatarHarmeet Singh Khalsa
Daniel is a great host, perfect knowledge of his work. Enjoyed my time over here. Kudos. - 10/10/2022 
Dawn Pereira AvatarDawn Pereira
This place is awesome! I will be going again soon for sure! I highly recommend this place to everyone! And will be bringing my family and friends too! - 10/10/2022 
Eric Chapman AvatarEric Chapman
Will is the man and he deserves a raise. Fun informative safe so talented all the good things a teacher should be. - 10/10/2022 
Robert S AvatarRobert S
Squamish water sports is first class and safely executed. Dan and Mel have made this sport and experience a complete pleasure, they are the best. Their inventory of equipment is in top condition and ample. Today my instructor Ben brought me to a new level staying up wind. The right size kite, board and guidance. Thank you. - 10/10/2022 
Mauran Thayalan AvatarMauran Thayalan
Most amazing boating experience I've had. The fiberglass boat was very user friendly. Thanks to Dan we were able to confidently navigate through the path safely. - 10/10/2022 
Douglass McCrae AvatarDouglass McCrae
Marcel was an excellent guide his enthusiasm for paddling and his love of Squamish added a great deal to our experience. - 10/10/2022 
Ben Britton AvatarBen Britton
Great equipment, helpful team, and easy to rent from. Would rent again! - 10/10/2022 
Remi Kandal AvatarRemi Kandal
I've taken multiple kiteboarding lessons with Matis and I've had a great time and learned a lot from him! He is a great instructor for all levels, from total beginners to those who are more advanced. - 10/10/2022 
Mohammed Khaled Shareef AvatarMohammed Khaled Shareef
I had one of the most surreal experience of my life at Squamish water sports. We went for a guided tour in the Squamish waters with one of the most coolest and humble guide WILL. He gave us an enormously great experience. Explained us so many things and showed us such scenic and beautiful spots and my favorite was the seals sunbathing on the woodblocks, the defense islands and the journey itself. I would highly recommend you to choose will even if you want to experience Kite boarding or wake boarding. ❤️ Thanks WILL - 10/10/2022 
Kevin Mister AvatarKevin Mister
Owner very nice. Beautiful spot and nice set up with the boats. - 10/10/2022 
Karen Hill-Whitson AvatarKaren Hill-Whitson
From beginning inquiry and booking to end of 2 hour boat trip of Howe Sound with guide it was a great experience. Our guide, Will, was wonderful. He was cheerful, ensured we were safe, comfortable and enjoying our experience at all times. He was also an excellent photographer. He described sights along the way making the journey fun and enjoyable. The scenery was breathtaking. We will be back!!!! - 10/10/2022 
Ghislain Boudreault AvatarGhislain Boudreault
I have decided to learn Kite boarding last summer I asked my son to look for me for a school in BC he is experienced kite surfer in Brazil kite surfing now. he looked and said I should go with Squamish water sports . I have been learning and perfecting kite boarding since. The Organization is amazing , always having your security in Mind the facility in Squamish is Unique in Canada . You want to learn , its easy, just go with their discovery package . it is very inexpensive and a marvellous way to find out about Kite boarding. I cant recommend enough that school ,and dont worry, all the trainers are exceptional people !!!! For me although I can kite surf now ,and I plan to keep learning from them , and perfecting my technique !!!! - 10/10/2022 
Jay Tee AvatarJay Tee
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Kimberly Maber AvatarKimberly Maber
I had a great experience Kiteboarding here and highly recommend this company. Everyone was super friendly, helpful, and took water safety seriously. Jenn and Will are the best kiting instructors that I have had! They took me from struggling in the water to being an independent rider within a week! Both instructors were very positive, encouraging, and enthusiastic!! I highly recommend this company and hope to be back in the future to learn kiteboard tricks! - 9/10/2022 
Uli Chorny AvatarUli Chorny
The Will was an amazing teacher. Couldn’t have asked for a more positive human. Thanks - 9/10/2022 
Tamara Loney AvatarTamara Loney
I did the group kitesurfing crash course with Will, and we had a full boat! Howe Sound delivers on the scenery and on the way out to kite we were joking that it was already a worthwhile experience for the views alone. It was simultaneously easier and harder than I expected it to be. Our instructors was patient and gave clear instructions. The hot tub at the end of the trip was a super nice touch. - 9/10/2022 
Karissa Polsom AvatarKarissa Polsom
My partner did a 2-day lesson (6 hour) kiteboarding lesson last week and had such a good experience! I was also able to join him on the boat to spectate which was great for learning in the future. We had Phillip (who was so kind and helpful) on the first day who tailored the lesson to my partner and taught him the basics of kiting safety and flying, and progressed along at a pace that had him up and going in the water by the end of 3 hours. Our second day was spent with Antoine who, again, catered the lessons to his current level! He was amazing and helped guide him to become a more independent rider (discussing how to navigate altering winds, skill development, and further safety). You can 100% tell he has been coaching and guiding for a long time and loves what he does. We can't say enough good things about the professionalism at Squamish Watersports and really making sure that you get the most out of your experience. Hoping we get to make it back soon! Thanks again Phillip, Antoine and team 🙂 - 9/10/2022 
J Neufy AvatarJ Neufy
Took first of 2 kite lessons. I’d done some lessons elsewhere and with all the theory never got to experience an actual run on the board and didn’t think i could but by the end of my lesson i did a 100m kite. Felt super comfortable having them right near you with the boat. - 9/10/2022 
Alain Bedard AvatarAlain Bedard
Good setup facilities and friendly staff. In particular, I was impressed by Will's skills to drive the boat and getting my kite setup, launched and recovered on both days I was there. I've had boat launches before and this was by far the most efficient. Thanks Will! - 9/10/2022 
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