There are many great spots all around the world to learn kiteboarding. But where is the best place to learn kiteboarding? In my opinion, Squamish is the best place to learn kiteboarding. Mainly, because the wind is amazing, there is a lot of space to learn and the boat assisted lessons allow to learn safely while progressing fast.
Here are in details some of the reasons why Squamish is the best place to learn kiteboarding.

Squamish means “mother of wind” in native language. No wonder why it is always windy here! Most of the wind that we get throughout the summer is what we call thermal wind. The sun warms up the area, which makes it a low pressure system. The temperature is colder south in the city, so it makes it a high pressure system. The pressure, wanting to be equal everywhere, will push some of that air up north, which will create that thermal wind that we get here. So basically, as soon as we can see the sun in the sky, it means that we will get some wind. The days when we have a clear blue sky are usually the best day of consistent wind. And of course, we get a clear blue sky most of the days during the summer. So in other words, the amazing strong and consistent wind is the main reason why Squamish is the best place to learn kiteboarding.
To learn how to kiteboard in Squamish, you have no choice but to take some lesson, because it is an advanced spot to go kite on your own. All the lessons are boat assisted, which allow us to stay away from the crowd, in the safe deep water. Learning from the boat will allow to learn safely, while progressing much faster.
So don’t wait any longer and come see us at Squamish Watersports, we will teach you in the best place to learn kiteboarding!