Visit tropical places, experience steady wind, warm water with proffessional GEO that have more that have been Kiteboarding and traveling for more then a decade. They do all inclusive camps and safaris  so you can fully enjoy your vacations. Visit the most iconic kitesurf spots in the world and progress at a fast speed with their coaching and video support. Check your scheldule and book your ticket to a kitesurfing paradise.

Colombia - January 15th

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Caribbean coast of Colombia

Santa Veronica
The spot forms a large bay with a side-on wind that secures the place.
There are several kite areas :
– Areas of waves 
– Freeride zones
– Some flat areas, ideal for learning 
The waves unfold cleanly and are ideal for riders who wish to improve themselves.  There are few people in the water and the level is accessible.
The village of Santa Veronica is a small authentic Colombian village bordered by palm trees and small local restaurants.

Cabo de la vela: In addition to feasting on fresh fish for dinner, in this remote village you will find butter flat water, guaranteed strong wind and a beautiful view of the stars at night. Cabo is located along the coast in the middle of the desert where a very simplistic and happy community of indigenous people live. It is quite typical for people to sleep in Chinchorros (huge hammocks) but we do provide a conventional bed option if you prefer!

Punta GallinasAfter the already remote Cabo de la Vela, we will be guided three more hours north to reach Punta Gallinas, the most northern point of South America. It’s a magical place and downwinding from the lagoon in-between mangroves until you reach the sea will make you understand why it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world to visit. WiFi access is slim to none, but this place offers the most amazing sky views at night.  

Mayapo: Beautiful kite spot close to Riohacha with white sanded beaches with lots of space. The wind is side onshore, between 15 and 25 knots and there are small waves. 

Barra Nova - October 2022

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Beautiful accomodation in front of the lagoon, experience the calm of a little fisherman village and kitesurf everyday. This camp is designed so you can enjoy flat-water and make your progress with a safe environment. 

Taiba - November 2022

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Taiba camp is designed to offer very comfortable ocean front accommodation that is situated at the best wave spot of the area. The location we choose is located five minutes from a huge lagoon. 4×4 shuttle all day and a private will be waiting for you with fresh seafood and all kinds of healthy meals. 

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