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    Meet our Team

    Dan Grains

    Owner & Founder

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    Hey guys, I’m Dan, I am a Level 2 Senior Kiteboarding Instructor and the owner and founder of Squamish Watersports LTD. With hard work and sacrifices, I can proudly say I have achieved my dream of running a successful watersports centre in one of the most beautiful places in the world. I live to share my passion and love for watersports with others and love my work every single day.

    Mel Grains

     Instructor & Admin

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    For the past 10 years Kiteboarding and our Watersports Business has been our baby. Now that we have added an actual baby to the mix, I am so proud to share what we have built with our family. I have personally been kiting for over 10 years, have taught, have worked the shop, have managed the shop, have done it all and proud to continue for as long as we can. With an education background and a wonderful instructor team, this exhilarating business is constantly evolving and developing into the best watersports center around.

    Charlie Tindall

    General Operations manager & Instructor

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    I grew up windsurfing and surfing and was fortunate enough to spend most of my free time as a child surrounded by watersports fanatics like my mother and father. I began teaching surfing during my time travelling around Australia and I saw someone kiteboarding in the waves around me and thought it looked fun and took some lessons and now over 12 years later I am still hooked! I’m lucky enough to call Squamish my home now and have watched the school grow from humble beginnings and I’m very proud and thankful to be a part of the team and be able to do what I love for a living.

     I’m a:  Level 2 Senior Kiteboarding Instructor. ASI Level 1 Surf Instructor. RYA Level 1 Windsurfing instructor.BSUPA Paddleboard Instructor.

    Zack Herman

    Equipment Manager & Instructor

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    I’ve been kiteboarding for 14 years and was introduced to it by my dad back in Cherry beach, Ontario. I fell in love with the sport immediately and wanted to pass my passion on to others and became a kiteboarding instructor when I was 18. I have been teaching with Squamish Watersports for eight years now on the water and snow and it’s taken me to some amazing places and kite in some incredible spots. I continue to develop my teaching and riding skills and hope to see you on the water or taking a lesson.

    Glen Baker

    Lead Instructor

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     The moment I first laid eyes on the sport, Summer 2004, Pismo Beach pier, California, I was mesmerized!! I followed this awakening with some lessons back in my home spots in the Southernmost lakes of Ontario. As soon as I felt the power and control of the wind in my hands, my carrear in kiteboarding began. For the next 11, years I taught kiteboarding around the world while teaching ski and snowboarding in Whistler’s adaptive sports program. I achieved my IKO level 3 teaching certification, and completed a degree in Movement science kinesiology. 2013 was my first season teaching with  Squamish Watersports and I’ve been back every year since!!! I look forward to sharing all of my knowledge and passion with you!

    Specific trainings: 2004 – BHK Movement science 2008- CADS Level 3 Adaptive Ski Coach 11 years experience in kiteboarding   Level 3 / Assistant Instructor Trainer

    Jen Wormold

    Shop manager Instructor 

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    I started Kiteboarding in the Caribbean in 2012 which has led me to Australia, Thailand, Spain, South Africa and of course Squamish! I love to travel and Kiteboarding opens up a whole new world of people and must-see destinations that wouldn’t normally be on top of the list. I also love biking and hiking in the summers and I spend my winters teaching skiing and snowboarding in whistler.

    Lisa Koenig

    Shop Specialist and Instructor

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    The first time I came across Kiteboarding was in Australia in 2016 and it’s been my passion ever since!

    After teaching 6 seasons all over the world I’m now back in Squamish for another exciting season. Coming from a professional teaching background and being IKO certified enables me to pass on this passion on a professional level.

    4 years of non-stop kiteboarding

    3 years of teaching kiteboarding

    IKO certified

    Team Rider for Ozone New Zealand

    Antoine Verville

    Instructor & Kite Trips Specialist

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    I started kiteboarding a decade ago and not long after o instruct so I could fully emerge myself into this amazing sport. Quickly after, I linked my passion for videography and became a Canadian team rider due to my presence on social media, my high level as a rider and the great energy I bring with me on the water. A few years ago I started my own business, Global Kite Trips, which specialized in organizing Kitesurf trips and safaris around the world.

    Level 3 P.A.S.A Kite Instructor

    Visionary for Vivida Lifestyle

    photographer and videographer

    CEO and founder of Global Kite Trips



    Ben Saad


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    After studying and working in engineering after graduation, I dived into the world of kiteboarding full time about two years ago and haven’t looked back since. This adventure has taken me to many beautiful places all around the globe and led me to meet lots of incredible people along the way. I am originally from Morocco and have moved to Montreal with my family almost 10 years ago now. I love kiting, meeting people and the outdoors. This is why I’m super excited to move west and share the many wonders kiteboarding has to offer with the people of beautiful British Columbia. I hope to see you all very soon on and off the water!!

    Jared Roffey


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    I grew up in Australia and spend most of my time in the ocean surfing and sailing. I moved to Canada in 2007 for a holiday in the mountains and fell in love with the Whistler/Squamish lifestyle, I’ve been here ever since. I started kiting in 2016 and was instantly hooked, it was the perfect blend of sailing, surfing and snowboarding. I spend my free time in summer as a pilot, flying my small plane around and looking for cool new areas to explore

    Our facilities

    Enjoy our luxurious facilities every time you come for a watersports adventure. From a fully stocked gear store, to our experienced instructor team, to bathrooms, hot showers, a Jacuzzi and more, you are sure to spend a relaxing day with us here at Squamish Watersports. Everyone is welcome! Come and hang out on-site with a picnic on the grass or an extended soak in the tub. Our friendly and knowledgeable team are always welcoming and ready to answer any questions you might have.



    How do I purchase my experience?

    If you are interested in purchasing an experience with us , you can do so with a credit card directly through or any associated website. If you are not sure what lesson program is best for you, give us a call at our toll free number 1-855-5MY-KITE or direct line 778-989-5483  or email us at and we would be happy to guide you through your decision.


    Where do I go for my experience?

    All experiences are held in Squamish, BC Canada. Squamish Watersports  runs courses from their downtown location, at 37813 2 Ave, Squamish, BC. Once suited up and ready to go, we walk 1 block to our Squamish boat launch, close to the Squamish Yacht Club, and head out onto the water. If you are renting equipment you are welcome to launch from the public boat launch or any other water access location around. You are also welcome to travel to nearby lakes if you are wanting to experience a different type of water basin.


    What time do you open?

    Our Squamish office is open from 8am to 10pm via phone and available anytime by appointment throughout the year. Our Downtown shop is open from 10am to 6pm from May 1st to September 30th. Our experiences and courses  run from 7:30am to 9pm (weather dependant) from mid March to mid October. 


    Are there any additional costs?

    For all experiences purchased directly through us, there are no additional fees apart from the local government taxes.


    What is the cancellation or rescheduling policy?

    Scheduled courses must be cancelled or rescheduled at least 48 hours prior to your course or your course may be voided. Since kiteboarding is a wind dependent sport, we are limited to the hours in the day where Mother Nature provides us with sufficient wind. Giving us a 48 hours notice gives us the opportunity to fill your time slot with another interested student as well as adjust our staff’s schedule.


    Is Kiteboarding Easy?

    Yes and No. Kiteboarding is a very technical sport and with the proper instruction, you could be riding within your first few hours on the water in Squamish, BC Canada. Naturally, there will be some frustrating patches, such is when you are faced with a difficult new task. Kiteboarding is a progressionnal sport, and as a kiteboarder, you will always get better and learn new things every session. As kiteboarding is a skill dependent sport it does not take force or strength but rather finesse and technique.


    Can I teach myself?

    Learning on your own can be dangerous and impossible in Squamish, BC. Learning the proper kite skills and the many safety features of the kites will allow you to kiteboard safely. In addition, teaching yourself can be frustrating and often leads to bad habits. Self-taught riders often damage their kites while learning and, as a result, spend more money in the long run then they would on lessons. Lastly, there are many different kite companies, however few produce quality performance kites. Having the opportunity to spend time with an experienced rider and Aerial Kiteboarding instructors in Squamish, will provide you with better knowledge about kiteboarding equipment as well.


    What happens if there is no wind for my lesson?

    As kiteboarding is a wind dependent sport, it does happen from time to time that we need to cancel lessons due to poor wind conditions. We will always send a final confirmation for your lesson the evening prior to your appointment. If we anticipate a no wind day, we will cancel your lesson. If your lesson needs to be cancelled at any point due to wind, we will invite you back to complete your lesson at another time.


    What do I need to bring to my kiteboarding or wakeboarding lesson?

    For your lesson, you will need a bathing suit and a towel. We also recommend that you bring a bottle of water, a sweater, and some comfortable shoes.

    Please DO NOT bring mobile phones or other non electronics. Squamish Watersports LTD accepts no responsibility for damaged electronics brought on to lessons. 

    If you have your own wetsuit or any kiteboarding equipment, please feel free to bring it. The minimum thickness required in order to participate in a lesson with our school is a 5mm full suit with booties. However in early season (March-May) we strongly recommend a 7mm wetsuit which we can provide.


    What do I need to bring for my paddling tour?

    Copy: The purchase of your paddling tour includes the necessary board or boat as well as a full 5mm wetsuit and booties. The minimum requirements that you should have with you is a bathing suit for under the wetsuit, a towel, a water bottle and some sunscreen. If you have a good waterproof bag there are ways to tie these down to your board or boat. In your bag you might consider bringing snacks, drinks, sunscreen and anything else you might want during a full day on the water.