Purchasing kiteboarding gear can be a bit of an investment. Therefor some people also will choose to buy used kitesurfing gear. Buying used kitesurfing gear is a great way to start of in the sport without investing too much in your first gear.

When purchasing used kitesurfing gear there are a few things you need to think about. You could ask which year the kite is from. The depower and safety systems of kites have improved a lot in the recent few years, so anything older as 2010 is probably not worth buying regarding safety.

Check if the kite has had much use and which condition it is in. An important issue with kites is as well the repairs. Check if it had any repairs and what kind of repairs were done on the kite. If possible, check if the kite is holding air. Pump it up and leave it for an hour to see if it is leaking anywhere. Also check for pigtails. If they are stretched and worn, you know the kite has had much use.

When buying a bar, check the lines on the bar, and make sure they don’t have too much damage. Also check the pigtails and attachments for damage and usage.

For buying a kiteboard, it is fairly straightforward. Look at usage in foodpads and straps. Look for scratches on the board and fins. Look if there are any cracks.

Buying used kitesurfing gear can be a challenge but it is possible to find really good deals.

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