Did you know that Airush Kiteboarding is one of the best kite companies when talking about how much they care about the environment? As kiteboarders, we are in the water almost everyday and the water pollution is a problem that we should all care about. As a kite brand, it is really important to take this into consideration and Airush Kiteboarding is the perfect example of what all kite companies should be doing at the moment. Let’s all try our best to save our beautiful oceans and planet!

Here are some examples of the action that Airush Kiteboarding are taking to help our environment as much as they can.
All of airush kite bags are made out of recycled plastic bottles. The consumption of plastic bottled water is still enormous all around the world! There are so many of those floating around in our oceans. It is really important to reduce our plastic consumption, but also to recycle and reuse what has already been used. Recycling plastic bottles is really important for our environment. Airush Kiteboarding has understand that and making their kite bag out of recycled plastic bottle is very impressive.
All of Airush Kiteboarding gear is pack with as little packaging as possible. Even when shipping some boards, they won’t use so much styromousse as all the other companies. Of course, they still need a minimum of packaging, but they are doing their best to reduce it as much as possible.
Airush kiteboarding has the mission to keep their Co2 emissions to zero. For each of their Co2 emissions, they will plant some mangroves that will purify the air. They calculate each Co2 emission that their company is emitting, including the production of their product, the flight that their employees have to go on, as well as everything else. Then, they calculate how many mangroves they need to bring this Co2 back into Oxygen and they plant it all!