There is no better feeling than being out on the water, riding your kite on a windy day! Kiteboarding is an amazing sport, and if you have never tried it already, you definitely should! There are a lot of great spots to kiteboard in our beautiful country. Here are some of the best places to learn kiteboarding in Canada.
What makes Squamish one of the best places to learn kiteboarding is the fact that we get some amazing wind everyday! Squamish means “mother of wind” in native language, no wonder why it is so windy! In the summer, we get a strong, steady and constant thermal wind everyday. It is the perfect place to learn kiteboarding! Also, it is an advanced spot so when learning here, you get really good and you can then go kiteboarding anywhere in the world!

The Magdalen Islands are amazing because they offer so many possibilities. What makes them one of the best places to learn kiteboarding is the fact that there are so many huge lagoons of flat and shallow water, some others with deep water, there are some amazing waves spot and there are some great downwind to be done as well. It is a perfect spot for a beginner to practice because it is easy to walk back upwind, and you don’t need as much lessons because you can safely go practice on your own once you have learned the basics. The Magdalen Islands are a great place to learn kiteboarding and there is some great wind all year round.
Prince Edward Island is also a great place to learn kiteboarding. It is a little bit similar to the Magdalen Islands. There is all year round wind and a great variety of different spot and it is what makes it one of the best places to learn kiteboarding!