Other than kiteboarding there are so many amazing activities to enjoy in Squamish. Go hiking, climbing, rafting, paddle boarding, kayaking, mountain biking and more!! I highly recommend trying out the mountain biking trails, especially Half Nelson Squamish. The 3km downhill pump track is definitely a Squamish favorite!
You can access the trailhead from Garibaldi Highlands located up the Mamquam Forest Service Road. You can either park at the lower parking lot and ride another trail after Half Nelson Squamish or park a little bit higher at the base of Ring Creek access road and ride directly back to your car.
If you park at the lower parking lot you need to ride higher up the road until you reach Ring Creek Access Road. If you park your car at the second lot, you will already be at the base of Ring Creek Access Road and you can start riding from there. You follow this access road which eventually takes a sharp right and becomes quite steep all the way to the trail head. You can enter the trail at Half Nelson Squamish or continue higher to Full Nelson.
The trail is an awesome bike park pump track with tight corners, burms and is super flowy top to bottom! If you parked your car at the lower parking lot, it’s worth riding short way back up and taking one of the trails on the left hand side back down to your car.
There are a variety of trails to take but Pseudo Tsuga is definitely a favorite- another windy flowy trail which is definitely worth the second climb back up.
Trailforks is a great app that will make the trip to Half Nelson Squamish clear and easy.