Getting into kiteboarding can be quite an expensive endeavor so doing the research to find the best kite surfing package for you is very important. Most kite schools will offer different packages which can include lessons, rentals, gear and online study materials. At Aerial Kiteboarding/Squamish Watersports we offer all these types of packages.
The private kite surfing package includes lessons, an online video which goes through all the instructional points from flying the kite to riding upwind and all gear rentals for your lessons. You will have access to the video through your entire progression so you can continue to learn from home. We offer a 6 hour kite surfing package which is as a discounted rate from the regular hourly rate as well as a 10 hour kite surfing package which is even more heavily discounted. You are welcome to purchase more than 10 hours at the 10 hour package rate.
We recommend splitting your package into 2-3 hour sessions if you are coming for private lessons. More than 3 is doable but it can get quite tiring and the water is cold.

The semi-private package also comes with the online instructional video, all gear rentals for your lessons. The 6 and 10 hour packages are available as discounted rates. We recommend coming with a friend who is at the same level as you can is around the same size and weight as you. If you are quite different in size this can cause trouble as it will be hard to choose an adequate kite size (one person will have too much power and the other not enough). If you are not the same level, that’s no problem, the instructor can cater to both students. You will get more out of the lesson being the same level as you can learn from the other person.
We recommend splitting your semi-private kite surfing package into 3-4 hour sessions. 2 hours goes by very quickly with two people sharing a kite and 5 hours can be too much.
We also offer advanced lesson packages for people who are looking to learn new tricks or a new discipline. Try foiling, riding strapless or just learn a sick new trick! It’s always nice to have someone help you push your limits in sport so you can continue to progress and never get bored.

We offer a kite surfing package which includes lessons as well. If you purchase a full set of gear at retail price, we will get you a free 2 hour lesson. Discounts on full gear packages are also available for our students.
Give us a call or stop by the shop and we will help you decide which kite surfing package is best for you based on your current ability level and your end goal!