Where is the Best Kiteboarding Spot?
You are a kiteboarder and you are wondering where the best kiteboarding spot is on Earth? You are wondering where to plan your next kite trip? I have the perfect destination for you: Squamish! Squamish is known for its perfect wind conditions, all day throughout the summer. Pros come from all around the world to come kiteboarding in Squamish. Here are some of the reasons why Squamish is the best kiteboarding spot and why you should consider traveling here

Squamish means “mother of wind” in native language, no wonder why it is always windy! In the summer, Squamish gets thermal wind everyday! A classic Squamish day in the summer would be 20 knots of wind, gusting to 22 knots. You have never seen anything like it!
The spit is the best kiteboarding spot in Squamish. It is a spot for intermediate and advanced rider. The wind blows off shore from the spit, and the landing and launching zone is small, crowded, and full of pointy rocks. It can be challenging for beginners to kite from the spit, but it is an awesome place for intermediate and advanced riders. Since the wind blows off shore from the spit, the spit creates a sheltered area that we call the honey hole. It is a large area of extremely flat water. All riders love riding at the spit!
No matter where you have been kiteboarding in your life, you have never seen a scenic view like we have here! You have never seen anything like it! Squamish is the best kiteboarding spot!
There are many seals everywhere in the Howe Sound. When kiteboarding, you are guaranteed to see at least one seal popping around you! There are so cute, and you will see loads of them!