Kiteboarding is the best sport in the world. If you never had the chance to try it, you should definitely get into it! At some point in your progression, you are going to need to get your own kite boarding gear. Here are the five essentials to go kiteboarding!
To go kiteboarding, you will obviously need a kite. This is an important piece of your kite boarding gear. When choosing what kite you want to get, you first want to know what type of kite you need. A good kite for a beginner would be an all around kite. Once you get more advanced and you have a specific riding style, then you can go with a specific type of kite: freestyle kite, wave kite, C kite, etc. You also want to think about what are the sizes than you will need. If you plan on kiting in light wind, go with bigger kites like 12 meters and 15 meters. If you plan on kiting in stronger wind, than go with something like 8 meters, 10 meters and 12 meters.

Another important part of your kite boarding gear is your bar. You want to get a bar that is recent enough to have all the safety system on it. Other than that, you also want a bar that fits the size of your kites.
Obviously, you will need a pump to pump up your kite. There are many different types of pump on the market, find one that works for you!
There are so many different types of board on the market: twin tips, surfboards, foil boards, skimboards, etc. You should first choose what type of board you need, and then try out different boards to see what are your preferences: stiff board, shorter one, longer one, carbon, etc.
The last part of your kite boarding gear is your harness. You first should decide if you want to get a seat or a waist harness. Then, the best advice I can give you is to try out different models and see which one fits you best. We all have a different shape, so one that fits you perfectly might be really uncomfortable for your friend. Find one that fits you perfectly and that won’t hurt your back!