You have done handfuls of kiteboarding lessons already? You are almost ready to go kiteboarding on your own? You are wondering when would be a good time to get your own beginners kitesurfing equipment? Now is the time! When you are almost an independent rider is the best time to get your own beginners kitesurfing equipment as you are getting ready to go out on supervised sessions. To go kiteboarding, you will need 5 pieces of gear, plus thermal protection, if needed.
When getting a new kite, you want to make sure that it is the right type of kite for you. There are many different types of kite: all around kite, wave kite, freestyle kite, racing kite, C kite, etc. A perfect kite for a beginner would be an all around kite. Then, you want to choose what are the sizes of kite are you are going to get. You want to think about your weight, but also about how strong the wind is where you will be kiteboarding. If you will be kiteboarding maily in light wind, get bigger kites like 12 meters and 15 meters. If you will be kiteboarding in stronger winds, then you should go with smaller kites like 9 meters and 12 meters.

When getting a new bar, you mainly want to make sure that it is recent enough to have all the safety systems on it. Then, you want to make sure it is the right size for your kites. For smaller kites, you could use a 45 cm. For bigger kites, you could use a 50 cm.
When getting a pump, just make sure it is the right size for you, to make your life easier. Also, make sure it comes with the right mouthpieces that fits with your kite.
To complete your beginners kitesurfing equipment, you will need to get a board. There are many different types of board on the market: twintip, surfboard, skim board, foilboard, etc. Find the one that you want, and try to demo it first if it is possible for you. Also, make sure that you get the right size of board for your weight, height and for the conditions you plan on riding in.
There are a lot of different kiteboarding harnesses on the market. There are two main types: seat harness and waist harness. The main thing about it is that the waist harness will give more freedom of movement, and the seat harness will be best for you if you have any back pain. The best trick to find the best harness for you is to try different models, and see which one fits best with your body and back shape. It is really important that you have a harness that fits you perfectly so it won’t hurt your back!

Depending on where you go kiteboarding, you might need to add some thermal protection to your beginners kitesurfing equipment. Wetsuit, booties, and even some gloves and a hoodie if the water is really cold!